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Reformation Lutheran Church

~~ Prayer Concerns ~~

The family of Howard Gainer

Friends and families affected by Covid – Educators/Students –

Healthcare Personnel – Emergency Responders –

Military Personnel – Government Officials

Reformation Family

Jimmy Lee & Bit Beckham, Eric Cauthen, Sharon Collins, Cathy Davis,

Linda DeBruycker, Larry Honeycutt, Billy Jowers, Michelle & Todd Knight,

Danny & Lynn McMurray, Andy & Gwen McPherson, Sis Melton, Inez Meredith,

Linda Shipton, Jerry & Kathy Triola, Lynn Whitesell, Joy Zimmerman

Reformation Friends

Brad Barnett, Kevin Cauthen, Matt Darr, Russell Ellis, Nathan Faile,

Matt Hunter, Helen Kershner, Michael Kershner, Rob Plyler, Cynthia Rowell,

Stella Grace Starnes, Jo Stilwell, Glenn and Alice Warfield, Russell Warfield 

                                                                                          ~~ Monthly Meetings ~~ 

** Church Council will meet Monday, October 11th at 6pm 

** RCW will meet Monday, October 11 at noon.  All ladies are encouraged to attend.

    ** LMM meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30.  All men are encouraged to attend.

** Prayer Shawl Ministry meets each Thursday at 10am in the parish hall.